Table of Contents Section
Introduction Section 1
Public Collaboration Section 1.1
Open Access Section 1.2
Tying it all Together Section 1.3
Terminology Section 1.4
Tools Section 1.5
Exploring Soundscapes Section 2
What is Sound? Section 2.1
A Phenomenology of Sound Section 2.1.1
What is a Soundscape? Section 2.2
Against Soundscapes Section 2.2.1
The State of Sound Studies: Current Projects and Potential Section 2.3
Sonifying the Landscape Section 3
Synchresis Section 3.1
Transduction Section 3.2
Proust Comes to Pembroke Section 3.3
Digital Authority Section 4
The Sounds of Silence Section 5
Whose landscape? Multitudes of Voices Section 5.1
Bibliography Section 6